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Divorce and Stress

Divorce and StressDivorce brings with it many negative emotions, that can cause stress. Stress will interfere will your ability to function in your daily life. Many people going through divorce express feelings like “I was in a fog.” “I don’t know how I functioned.” The biggest favor you can during this time is to be kind to yourself and let go of the things you can. Even it may seem like you won’t make it through, you will, and you will be stronger and happier.

Here are some tips for dealing with Divorce Stress:

  1. Pay attention to your emotional needs: let your feelings out--join a support group, speak with a therapist, share with a trusted friend.
  2. Stay active - start or stay with your exercise routine – consider adding a calming and meditative practice such as yoga
  3. Nurture yourself - get plenty of rest, eat healthy and nutritious foods, make a list of your positive qualities and say them to yourself every day-- e.g. I am a good mother/father; I am a loving person; I am attractive, e.g.
  4. Give yourself permission to feel and to heal- emotions are normal – how you handle them is important – be careful not to succumb to drugs or alcohol this only may be more destructive. If the wine bottles are piling up by the sink… beware.
  5. Avoid hasty decisions - when you are living through a stressful situation any decision or change to your life should be well thought out. Take your time, weigh all the options and consequences. Don’t move to Hawaii just yet.
  6. Have fun- laugh, play, go out, find new friends, surround yourself with positive people.
  7. Forgive yourself and Move on

We understand that things may be happening that you are not prepared for, things you may feel uncertain about. We also know that happy events such as a marriage can be stressful, and bring issues such as whether to have a prenuptial agreement and other questions. Attorney Phyllis Bookspan will help you navigate the legal uncharted waters, combining her experience as a trial lawyer and trained mediator and collaborative divorce lawyer to work out what is best for you and your family.