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Firm Overview

Our Goal is to Best Meet Your Goals

At Bookspan Family Law, LLC, we are passionate about  what we do.  We  know this is a difficult time for you, and our desire is make it easier, not harder.   We strive to help you reach the best result with the least amount of stress.  We approach your case from a holistic point of view. After a comprehensive initial consultation, together we decide what approach is best to meet your goals. Our philosophy is that most  family law cases should settle without litigation.  If your  matter is suitable, we may recommend collaborative divorce or mediation. These alternatives work best for lower conflict couples,  may be more cost effective methods, and  may provide a more emotionally satisfying result.   Our office does both, and  we will honestly assess your case and let you know what we recommend.  We recognize that not all cases can settle, and we are fully prepared to take your matter to court and WIN, if that is path that evolves.

Our Goal is to Provide You With a Cost Efficient and Effective Result

We strive to keep your fees down by having you work with us in a cooperative manner. The more information you give us- the better. We encourage you to review our support and equitable distribution schedules, and  we always strive to be accurate and accountable to your needs.

If you are considering Bookspan Family Law, LLC for a consultation, we encourage you to gather information that will make our time together more productive. You may download, print and complete the following forms from our website Initial Consultation Form; Estimated Asset; Budget Form and complete to the best of your ability.

Our Goal is to Support You and Your Family Throughout

We understand there are many reasons why you may choose to contact us. Whether it is in anticipation of  marriage and you wish a pre-nuptial agreement, or because you may need  modification of a child support order, our goal always is to look at your whole case, treat you with compassion, and support you fully through whatever life situation you are experiencing. To each case,  our founding attorney Phyllis Bookspan brings her years of practice, her knowledge and skill as an accomplished law professor, plus the experiences of a successful entrepreneur and a beloved yoga teacher. This means you receive the expertise, understanding, and compassion that you deserve.

If you may benefit from non-legal supportive services, we have the resources to help you find the right professionals to help you on your journey. No one has to navigate life transitions alone.

Contact Bookspan Family Law, LLC. We offer confidential initial consultations, and flexible hours by appointment.

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