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High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce

High Net worth cases have their own special issues and it is wise to consult with counsel experienced in such matters.

In a high net worth case there usually is a large amount of money, property, business assets, art, and other valuable items at stake. One partner in the marriage (if not both) may be quite savvy about money, business, and investing.

Some of the assets may have been acquired during the marriage, and others may not be marital property. Identifying the marital component and helping to work out the equitable share requires experience and often some finesse.

Some spouses, either out of anger, greed, feelings of cleverness, or other reasons, may decide to hide assets or make transfers to third parties such as children from a former marriage or business associates. Transfers such as these often can be set aside as fraudulent.

The assets in high net worth cases can be tied up in complex instruments. One party may be unaware of the nature or function of the investment vehicles. It is important for the attorney right from the start of the case to get an inventory of all the assets, including all investments, options, warrants, deferred compensation, etc.

Cashing out of certain investments to make transfers from one spouse to another can have significant tax consequences. Often we include a tax accountant as part of our team in our high net worth cases to help ensure the best result from a tax perspective.

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