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zen garden Conflict is an integral and pervasive part of human psychology and social relationships. The traditional approach to conflict is to fight or flee, and is based on that belief that in all conflict there is a winner and a loser.

If conflict is viewed from another perspective—as opportunity for change—and neither positive nor negative, and if it is defined in terms of issues rather than outcomes, resolutions to problems become available. This is the underlying philosophy of mediation as a conflict resolution strategy.

How Does Family Mediation Work?
  • You and your spouse agree to try mediation, and agree upon the issues you would like to mediate.
  • You meet together with a mediator who facilitates a process where you work together to reach agreement on issues.
  • Each of you engages separate counsel to consult for legal questions.
  • If a mutually acceptable agreement is reached, that becomes the basis for the final court order.
What Issues Can Be Mediated? What is the Process?
  • You will have an intake session - individual interviews with each spouse to see if mediation is right for you, and if you are right for mediation.
  • A series of mediation sessions, each of 2 to 3 hours duration the number of sessions varies with each case
  • After mediation - Your mediator or one of your attorneys draws up the agreement, it is reviewed, and that becomes the basis for your Court ordered resolution.
What are the Benefits of Mediation?
  • An opportunity to be heard in a safe place
  • An opportunity to be an active participant in planning your future life
  • A time to shape your outcomes - especially important for determining what happens in children's lives -no one cares more than you do!
  • Usually less costly than litigation
  • Usually faster results than litigation

Whether you are represented by a divorce lawyer already or not Contact Us to learn more about family mediation and determine if mediation is right for your case. The initial consultation for mediation should be as a couple.