Coronavirus Update - Helpful Information for Our Clients
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Pennsylvania Covid-19. Bookspan Family Law Update

April 2, 2020

Hello again dear clients and friends of BFL,

This new  coronavirus is serious and  likely will be with us for a while.    The most important thing is that you take all necessary precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe.  Stay Home and follow the most current directives of the CDC.

BFL is open and ready to help you while we all learn to live differently in this unprecedented time.   We are working from our homes, and monitoring your cases.  We are available to meet with you by video and talk by phone.  Of course,   you always can email us, as usual.

Court Update:

The  doors to the Courts of Pennsylvania are closed through the end of April.  However, they are open for partial business.   What does this mean for you?

  • Limited  Emergency Hearings  are Happening:
    • Emergency Custody Hearings are being Scheduled;
    • Protection From Abuse Hearings are being Scheduled;

If you feel unsafe in your home-  contact the police, dial 911 and you will get a temporary PFA;   We will be available for your PFA hearing

  • Filings are  being accepted by mail.
    • We can file Divorce Complaints;
    • We can file Modifications of Custody;
    • We can file Modifications of Support – especially for support, it is important to file early even if we can’t get a hearing, as any Order that will issue is retroactive to the filing
  • Now is a good time to consider Mediation and/or Arbitration
  • Courts likely will be backed up for months when they resume regular business
  • Judges will feel even more pressure than usual to get through their calendars
  • Mediation always is a good solution to take control of your matter, and now more than ever, it offers an opportunity to resolve your case in the way that YOU want.
  • These are unusual and unsettled times. You may wish to resolve financial and family matters now, rather than waiting.   Now is the time to get things in order.
  • You also can do interim agreements in mediation, to get by until things settle down.

Phyllis is available to do non-contact Mediations using Zoom, and encourages parties to contact her to discuss this option.  Stay safe…stay healthy!

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