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Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

At Bookspan Family Law, LLC we are strong advocates for Pre-nuptual or Post-nuptual Agreements. We believe that drafting an agreement encourages you to take time to candidly discuss not only your financial affairs, but also your hopes and dreams for the future, and your secret desires for how you envision your lives will play out. Even in today’s society many think of pre- and post-nups as not romantic, or as something for older couples; but we believe everyone can benefit from the considered thought that goes into planning for the future.

There are many reasons and objectives for entering into a prenuptial agreement. Some of the most common reasons are to

- Protects separate assets acquired before or during a marriage

- To protect or provide for children from a prior marriage, particularly in the event of death

- To protect a family business

- To set out relationships of the parties during marriage, including financial contributions , and marital roles

- To protect against lengthy divorce proceedings, in the event of breakup

A prenuptial agreement often calms fears and states that what is yours will remain yours. In cases of considerable wealth, inheritance, or family businesses, it may be an important consideration. A prenuptial agreement also can set out what the terms will be should a marriage dissolve.

When you come to us for a prenuptial agreement, we will spend time discussing exactly what your wishes and expectations are, and what you really hope to accomplish. Using your intentions and circumstances, we will draft a personalized document that best meets your future needs.

Contact us to discuss how you can plan for your upcoming marriage.

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