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Social Media Tips

Social Media

In this age of reduced privacy – postings of whereabouts, activities, and photos on FaceBook, tweets on Twitter, and revelation of all sorts of personal information through Email your counsel at Bookspan Family Law, LLC highly recommend the following to our clients:

  1. Be aware of the potential damage that can result from information that you post on the internet.

  2. Be cautious about what, if any, pictures your publish of yourself or your children on places like FaceBook. Remember once it is out there you lose all control of what happens to any post.

  3. Do not send sensitive information through a text or an email. Such items can be discovered If you should be involved in a custody evaluation, an evaluator may try to subpoena pictures, Facebook, posts, texts, etc.

  4. Don’t brag about a weekend ‘get-away.’; and definitely don’t post those pictures of you at the bar or in the hot tub! Anyone and everyone can see it– and your last best friend now can hit “click” and send it to your worst enemy. Also, impress upon your children the importance of keeping personal info out of their posts. This may be really hard– but even more important.

  5. Our best advice – avoid the urge and Stay off FaceBook and Twitter. Monitor your children’s posts. Communicate the old fashioned way – pick up the telephone and talk – or better yet chat face to face.