Stepping stones


Divorce is a terrible situation to endure, but with the right attorney it makes it much less painful. Bookspan Family Law, LLC has the right attorneys They understand the process, both family court and divorce court thoroughly. Phyllis was patient, empathetic and always available. She explained everything along the way and fought for me. I am grateful to have found her.

Phyllis is extremely communicative and has helped me greatly with my divorce proceedings, walking me through the process and educating me every step along the way. She's also helped with overall strategy and tactical advice, all with a very kind and human touch. It's been a pleasure working with her!

I highly recommend this firm. Kim has performed a few family law tasks for me and my family. She was diligent, she educated me through the entire process, and it really felt like she was on my side the entire time! Thanks again Kim!

Kim, has an outstanding and compassionate professionalism, always focus on what its best for her client's interest, refer her with confidence!

My experience in the past with other attorneys was very negative until I met Miss Bookspan. She is professional, organized and does her homework. She takes the time to know the facts and presents them to the judge impressively. …she made sure our case was one of the first cases to hear…she knew that we were concerned about cost and she made sure that the court time was cut in half…everything about our case was with a high degree of excellence. I can say, without a doubt, if you need an attorney, call her.